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2024: Get Ready For Change

Updated: Feb 15

The Lord says, "Get ready for change."

The Lord showed me that so many people are feeling like they’re going in circles and their lives are taking them into head-spinning places and it’s been hard to get your bearings because you feel like you’re going around, and around, and not really getting anywhere.

But the Lord has shown me this is part of His process to take you to your destination. Just consider Abram, before He was Abraham. He heard the call of God to leave Haran, the place of his birth, and leave his family. Abram left everything that felt stable in order to follow a God that He did not know. And the Bible says Abram's faith was accounted to him as righteousness.

Faith is truly what pleases God. When you choose God over everything else, even the most practical, or reasonable pathways, God receives your love from that. He's not seeking to trick you. He's seeking to teach you His ways are higher than yours.

At 75-years-old, Abram was confused. He was told to go somewhere, but didn't know where. Later, he was told he would have a son, but how? With each destination on his journey, Abram had the choice to listen for God's direction and follow, or not.

For you and I, it's the same way. We each have a choice. We can choose to follow Jesus, at all costs, or we can choose to be conventional and faithless. God wants you to choose faith. When you choose faith, you're choosing Him. Abram's choice to follow the Lord, even when it didn't make sense, changed him. He became a new man.

His name originally meant, "exalted father." Abram was a man who wanted to live up to his name. He wanted a son. But God first had to expand his vision. God saw him as something much greater. The Lord changed his name to Abraham, the "father of a multitude." Where Abram saw a family, God saw generations. What Jesus is doing in your life is about much more than you. He has your progeny in mind! When God changed Abram's name to Abraham, it was a sign that the man's heart and mind was changing in such a profound way that it would be in much greater agreement, in sync with the heart and mind of God. This is what the Lord is doing in you!!

But we can't forget, it is a process. For Abraham, it was ultimately confusing to obey the Lord, not because God is confusing, but Abraham's human reasoning confused what God had said. Whenever Abraham sought to interpret the voice of the Lord with his head knowledge, he got in trouble. Instead of trusting the Lord and waiting on Him, Abraham would do what we tend to do. He would add to what God said and make the interpretation of God's voice something that made sense. You're being invited to a relationship with the Lord that won't make sense. That is why your journey lately has been so disorienting. But hang on, God is up to something.

The "Roundabout" Dream

This Word originated from a dream from the Lord in which I was on a journey, much like Abram. I was driving and heading somewhere out of state.

In this dream, I knew where I was going was cold, it was winter, a time that I don't prefer due to how uncomfortable it is. You have to wear more clothing in the winter to be prepared. That's why the Lord is telling you now, to prepare for change as we approach 2024. It's winter in the natural and the realm of the Spirit. Make sure you are prepared for this coming transition!

Continuing with my journey in the dream, I eventually came to a roundabout and there was another car approaching. It was at that moment I made a bad decision, and entered the roundabout in a way that caused the other driver assume I was going to hit them.

To avoid what they thought was a sure-fire collision, the other driver drove up on the grassy area around the roundabout to get out of my way. They wanted to make sure they didn’t hit me. In the midst of all of this, I also ended up driving up on grass for a short while, as I made the turn around the roundabout, and we didn’t collide. We never were going to collide, but the way I entered the roundabout gave the impression that I didn't want to wait my turn. I was in a rush. I could have just waited and avoided the perception that we were going to hit each other.

As I kept going, I knew that when I exited the roundabout, I would be entering a highway, a road that carried traffic at a much higher rate of speed. The Lord is about to take you out of your confusion and guide you into a time and space of acceleration. You're going to see prayers you've been lifting up begin to come to pass. You're going to see prophecies manifesting in your life. But the requirement has always been that you need to wait your turn. Where you have been impatient and in a rush, the Lord has not allowed you to get ahead of Him. He's been putting things in place so that when you arrive in your next season of promotion, you will be able to journey along at a higher rate of speed, with more effectiveness, and without injury.

When I got to the ramp to the highway, I realized I had left my cold weather clothing. I was not prepared for the change of the season. This is when I realized, I was a woman with long black hair because I could see what I looked like. That's how the Lord showed me this dream and it's prophetic illustration is not just for me. It's for you too!

The Lord wants you to be prepared for the coming shift He's going to bring into your life. He's allowing you time to get ready. Do you need to get your finances in order? How are your relationships? Are there any habits the Lord is looking to inject into your lifestyle? Have you been making time to pray and sit with the Lord?

The Shift Is Coming

The Lord wants you to be prepared for cold weather. There is a coming shift in this winter season as we move into 2024 that many are going to experience. You will leave one place of confusion and enter a higher-paced, higher-stakes, higher-responsibility era of your life. And it will be uncomfortable. However, if you learn to trust the traffic engineer, and the Spirit of God who directs traffic, you will be fine in this new era of your life.

The roundabout was about timing, finding the right time to make the steps forward into God's promises. Don't get ahead of God. He wants you to trust Him with the timing of the journey toward His promise and His divine destination.

I’m praying for discernment for the people of God to know the times and the seasons. As I prayed into this dream, I heard, "time and travel." The Lord wants you to be on His timetable and relying on His GPS.

"Daniel answered and said: “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, For wisdom and might are His.

And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding.

He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what [is] in the darkness, And light dwells with Him." Daniel 2:20-22

Weather forecasting can represent spiritual discernment:

He answered and said to them, “When it is evening you say, [‘It will be] fair weather, for the sky is red’;

“and in the morning, [‘It will be] foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot [discern] the signs of the times. Matthew 16:2-3

I am praying for the Spirit of the Lord to grant His people wisdom and counsel and understanding for the days ahead

There is a time and purpose for everything, but the knowledge God desires for you is only spiritually acquired. Knowing the difference between the times is a work of the Holy Spirit.

We must know what season we are in.

Failing to know proper timing, can cause unnecessary pain and injury and loss. You also lose time as you recover from the avoidable collision between your will and timing and God’s will and timing. With that said, we must make every effort to stay in God’s will and timing! We don’t need to rush and we must be prepared for where He is taking us. Where and how do you need to prepare for God’s next level for you?

I pray you will seek the Lord and be still in Him, in order to determine you every step. Ask the Lord what He's teaching you as you wait in this whirlwind. As Him to give you clarity of vision, speech, and hearing. Work on your time with the Lord. Where can you make more time for Him. He is determined to get you to His destination for you. And He's also determined to be the one who gets you there. You can trust Him to direct your path!

God bless you.

Frank Mickens

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