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The Mount Of Corruption

Updated: Apr 10, 2023


The Lord is exposing the plan of the evil one to maintain a Mount of Corruption in our nation's capital, Washington D.C.

The enemy seeks to use compromise and political gamesmanship to produce a stranglehold on America.

Much like how Solomon sought to keep the peace through marrying idol-worshipping women, the Lord says believers in Congress and elsewhere in government are in danger of mortgaging the soul of America in exchange for "peace" with those who don't abide by God's laws and statutes.

There are three principalities the Lord is exposing in this demonic scheme. It is these three principalities that seek to keep America bound.

1. Ashtoreth was a female deity associated with lust. Worship of this idol involved temple prostitution. This demonic entity is the embodiment and influence for SEXUAL IMMORALITY.

2. Chemosh was an idol that required human sacrifice. His name means "conqueror." This spirit seeks to conquer a nation for generations. This demonic entity is the embodiment and influence for MURDER.

3. Milcom is also known as Molech or Moloch. This idol is associated with the sacrifice of children.This demonic entity is the embodiment and influence for ABORTION.

The people of God must pray for the spirit of repentance to fall in our land. Believers must begin to pray and seek the Lord in a fresh and powerful way to see this demonic scheme undone in our nation.

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