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Prophetic Word: God Is Looking For A Desperate Church

For years, the Lord has been speaking to me in vivid dreams in visions. It's not uncommon for me to receive several dreams in one night. Recently, I had nine dreams in one night.

I've had to pray about how to approach the Lord's voice in my life. He has drastically enhanced His voice since I departed from TV news into full-time evangelism.

I want Him to get all the glory and the honor and the praise. So I always hesitate to share what the Lord has shared with me.

The Lord has now impressed upon me to begin sharing the dreams, visions and interpretations He's been gifting to me to a much broader audience.

I pray these Words are encouragement to you, blow you with the wind of the Holy Spirit closer to the Father and flame the fire of revival in your life.

Here is a Word the Lord released to me the morning of August 21, 2020:


God is looking for a desperate church: The Lord was speaking to me when I woke up. He was saying people need to be desperate for change to find Him. He allows situations to get us fed up... So we will run to Him. It’s like that with salvation. And revival. When the church gets fed up with being lifeless and ineffective... He allowed people to stop coming to church and is showing the church it has to change. Without power... This generation won’t come. They won’t respond to fear. Only love and power. He’s looking for a desperate church. Desperate for His power and presence. To worship Him in Spirit and in truth A desperate church will get rid of formulas and religion and only seek God’s heart... Then we will see revival. God bless you.

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