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Prophetic Alert: What's Going On In Congress?

I would like to begin this message with a vision I had from the Lord:

For a period of time, I saw a large fox.

I knew I needed to protect my children and my family from this fox.

In prayer, the Lord began to minister to me about the fox.

He began to speak to me about the corruption in Congress, and how corruption starts small, but can quickly grow.

He brought my attention to the recent passage of legislation that protects same-sex marriages. It's called the Respect for Marriage Act.

And He began to teach me about what's happening in Congress in America.

Small foxes have spoiled the vine.

"Catch us the foxes,

The little foxes that spoil the vines,

For our vines have tender grapes."

Song of Solomon 2:15 NKJV

I am not Republican nor Democrat. I am impartial and so is the Lord.

However, some members of the Republican Party made the passage of this same-sex affirming legislation possible due to their defection from the party platform which stands against legalized same-sex marriage.

How is it possible that dozens of politicians opposed to same-sex marriage, would vote for such a measure?

I believe the Lord is exposing a spirit of compromise, or a spirit of corruption.

The small foxes spoil the vine.

This means the so-called "little" compromises spoil our passionate union with the Lord.

When we allow the whims of this world to convince us of a "compromise" in order to maintain our religious liberty, should we not ask ourselves, "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?" (Matthew 16:26)

In the spirit of "compromise," some politicians thought it appropriate to exchange their endorsement of same-sex marriage for the protection of religious liberty.

They would argue that the Respect for Marriage Act is a good balance between acknowledging the rights of same-sex married couples and protecting believers from prosecution and lawsuits in the case they refuse to cater to same-sex couples.

In other words, they would argue that a business should have the right to deny making a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, just as much as that couple should have a right to get married.

Simple, right?

Except for this fact.

God is not mocked.

We can write our own laws, but they still don't supersede God's statutes.

Marriage is between a man and a woman. So there is no "protection" of same-sex marriage in the Kingdom of God, because even the idea doesn't exist.

Why am I writing this?

I believe the Lord wants us to pray for Congress to deny access to these "small foxes" before they become full-grown like the fox in my dream.

What is a fox known for?

Cunning, sneaky, slick, and undercover behavior.

They are fast and silent in their doings. They operate under the cover of darkness and seek to trap and attack their pray without them knowing what happened.

This is the attack on Congress.

The ideology that says we should "compromise" the ways and thoughts of God in order to protect our religious liberty is dangerous and a slippery slope.

It emboldens the kingdom of darkness. Now the kingdom of darkness has another endorsement from Congress and only more concessions to these demonically-inspired schemes will be demanded in the coming years.

We cannot avoid the culture war.

But we must fight in prayer. People are not the enemy, the devil is the enemy.

What happens if we don’t fight and pray?

I believe the Lord has shown me that we will be facing a growing Mount of Corruption in America.

What is the Mount of Corruption?

The Mount of Corruption is what Solomon set up as a result of compromise. When he began to seek political relationships and peace with idol-worshipping nations, he took on their women for his wives. His idol-worshipping wives inspired Solomon to set up idols on a mountain, and that is where his wives AND Israel went to worship idols.

13 "Then the king defiled the high places that [were] east of Jerusalem, which [were] on the south of the Mount of Corruption, which Solomon king of Israel had built for Ashtoreth the abomination of the Sidonians, for Chemosh the abomination of the Moabites, and for Milcom the abomination of the people of Ammon.

14 And he broke in pieces the [sacred] pillars and cut down the wooden images, and filled their places with the bones of men."

2 Kings 23:13-14 (NKJV)

I believe the Lord is exposing three major principalities operating over America through this passage of scripture.

Let's explore these demonic influences.

1. Ashtoreth is a female deity associated with lust. Worship of this idol involved temple prostitution. This demonic entity is the embodiment and influence for SEXUAL IMMORALITY.

2. Chemosh was an idol that required human sacrifice or death as worship. His name means "conqueror." This spirit seeks to conquer a nation for generations. This demonic entity is the embodiment and influence for MURDER.

3. Milcom is also known as Molech or Moloch. This idol is associated with the sacrifice of children.This demonic entity is the embodiment and influence for ABORTION.

As these three principalities decimate people's lives in America, the enemy seeks to build a modern-day Mount of Corruption on Capitol Hill.

In fact, it's already been established. And now we see believers in Congress being corrupted by compromise, just like Solomon.

The goal is to rob and conquer the nation. This is not isolated to America. This is the plan of the evil one for every nation, to erect worship spaces for idolatry. This nation is adulterous and the Body of Christ is increasingly becoming adulterous, but this won't last. The Lord is a consuming fire, and He will bring His Bride back to His heart.

Here are our action steps: Please pray with me for the heart of America and every nation on the earth to beat for the Lord. May we long for Him in such a way that we refuse to compromise or be corrupted. Please pray for the spirit of repentance to fall in our nation. Judgment begins at the house of God. Pray with me that believers in Congress and elsewhere will submit humbly and wholly to the Lord. Pray for living sacrifices!!

May the Lord be glorified in our nation and every nation, tribe, tongue, and people!

God bless you.

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