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God Is Leading You To A Leap

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

You’re being led to a leap.

It’s moving season.

God is trying to move you to another place spiritually. He’s looking to take you somewhere you otherwise wouldn’t go.

Do you feel challenged to take a leap of faith right now?

It could be the Lord wants to take you somewhere, and there is resistance.

You want the comfort of staying where you have been. It’s what you know. It’s what you’re familiar with.

But the Lord says it’s time to let go of the past, and let go of the now.

Allow Him to take you into the NEXT.

Here is a dream from the Lord to encourage you to MOVE.


I was inside an apartment complex.

And I was on the 11th floor.

I hurried up the stairs and came out on the 12th level hallway.

As I came through the opening to the hallway from the stairs, I passed a man who was repairing and maintaining the walls.

He had a bunch of wood that was unpainted.

He was still working on the area where people would be coming up to the 12th level.

This was an angel.

I noticed the walls in the hallway were also blue, like a sea blue.

The 12th level is being renovated, repaired, and refreshed.

The level of Kingdom government.

The level of Kingdom establishment.

The 11th floor was ragged.

It had peeling paint.

The lights were dim.

It was not a pleasant place.

The numbers on the apartment doors were in bad shape.


The 11th floor is a place of transition. It's a place of discomfort.

It’s a place you don’t want to stay.

The conditions are designed to motivate you to move up higher.

Prosperity is not on the 11th level.

Living arrangements will be difficult and not ideal.

But they are ideal to promote contentment and humility.

The Lord doesn’t want you to get comfortable on the level of transition. The transition level is where you learn to rely on the Lord for your satisfaction.

It’s not just about relying on Him for provision. We are to rely on Him for everything our heart desires.

You can be in transition for years, but there is a “next” season for you.

That’s why the “now” is so uncomfortable.

You’re being led to the leap.

Many are being taken from a time of order, through a season of disorder and back to order in God’s perfect will.


I received this Word early in November 2022, but the Lord released me to share on 11.22.22.

Because the number 11 and it's multiples speak of a greater significance.

11 is a number for transition!

Genesis 11 is sandwiched between two chapters of order.

Chapter 10 is when the earth was being ordered after the flood.

People were being distributed throughout the earth to establish communities by man’s design.

Then comes Chapter 11 with the Tower of Babel and man’s pride and UNIFIED REBELLION that forced the Lord to scatter the people and their language.

God allowed disorder to prevent calamity and to set the table for Kingdom order.

We see that Kingdom of God order come into being immediately at the beginning of Genesis Chapter 12, when we are introduced to Abraham, the father of faith. He is the father of many nations, the father God used to bring God Kingdom into the earth.

God uses disorder to build in us, as He did in Abraham, a hunger for the true order and peace that can only be found in the Lord.

I pray you will embrace this opportunity to give up and walk with the Lord.

Turn to Him with all your heart.

You can trust Him to put your world in His perfect order.

Jacob wrestled with God until Jacob said, "I won't let you go unless you bless me."

The idea of the wrestling match with God is for you to LET GO.

It's when we surrender that we access all the Lord has for us.

Remember, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Surrender fully to the Lord and abide in Him.

Your next level depends on it.

God bless you,

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