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You can now find our "Love All People" t-shirt on the rack!

I want to give all glory to God!

Let me tell you the story:

I was watching the news the night of the riots breaking out in downtown Greensboro. Any my spirit was so restless.

A few days before that, I was in prayer and I heard the Lord tell me to design a shirt.

So I began to sketch the shirt in my prayer journal.

The night of the riots, I felt led to design the shirt until it was done and ready for printing.

And that's what I did until 4:00 a.m.

I felt the hand of God on me to get it finished. It was urgent.

Soon after, I was downtown looking at the aftermath and ventured into a store.

And I heard the Lord say that I should pursue the shirt on the rack.

Maybe a couple weeks later, I went back to that store, but they were closed. I had my shirt in hand to pitch it to the owner.

So I felt led to go a little further down the street.

And I walked into "Just Be," a wonderful store of knick knacks, crafts, local artisan works and free trade handmade items.

It's awesome.

I talked to the owner Kathryn and hoped she would like my shirt.

And she said she felt moved by my story and wanted to put the shirts in her store.


From that point, we sold dozens of shirts at our Eden Drive-In revival and online.

And today, I finally made it back to Just Be with what remained of my inventory.

Just 12 shirts.


They're on the rack!

And you're welcome to drop by.

I would encourage you to buy from Just Be, even though it makes less money for us here at FaithFire.

I love the store.

If you like unique, handmade, locally inspired, fanciful and delightful works - this is your place.

You can also buy our shirts in black and white on our website at any time here.

This is also the only place you can buy the other previously SOLD OUT design here.

I pray the message of LOVE invades our atmosphere.

And I pray it blesses your soul.

America needs love.

The world needs love.

God is love.

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