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Announcing FaithFire Worldwide Revival Ministries

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Hello and God bless you!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I write this post.

This is the first post I'm writing under the brand new banner of FaithFire Worldwide Revival Ministries!

[faith feed.] has been a true joy as we have spread the Word of God through various media online and on television.

But now, the vision has expanded.

The Lord has called me to preach all over the world, not just on media platforms, but in person as well. To that end, I have started an umbrella ministry you now know as FaithFire.

The vision of the ministry is "Fanning the fire of faith worldwide." It's simple. We are now going to go all out to spread the gospel with trainings and revivals, in addition to the Word of God we will share via media.

Our first event is scheduled for Thursday July 2nd.

You might have seen the announcement on Facebook.

The response has been overwhelming!

We've seen tens of thousands of views of the announcement for our revival in Eden, NC at Eden Drive-In.

The plan is simple.

We provide food and music and ice cream.

You come in your car and enjoy time together as a family.

And hear a message of hope straight from the Word of God.

We're calling it the Freedom Tailgate.

So you know what you're used to at the football game?

We want you to come out and do the same.

Bring a football or board games.

Bring the family.

Bring water... haha.

And sit back and relax.

We plan to have a DJ spinning tunes that glorify the Lord.

And you'll hear phenomenal stories of God's faithfulness.

Look out for the invite!

And watch for other events! We're already thinking about an event in Greensboro or High Point later this summer.

We're also working on an event in Indianapolis.

God is up to something BIG.

He wants you to know He loves you.

And He's coming for your heart.

God bless you!

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