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A Special FaithFire Announcement‼️🙌🏾🙏🏾

Hello friends, partners and family,

We are so excited...

We can’t contain the joy!!!

So we won’t!

This Facebook post shows me celebrating in the dentist’s office...

With a letter from the IRS. 😶

So why are you smiling Frank??

Today, FaithFire Worldwide Revival Ministries officially became a 501c3 non-profit organization.

That might not sound like much on the surface.

But there’s always a God story with FaithFire. Haha.

The plan was to file for the designation in May.

The paperwork was done.

And the night before I was going to put the document in the mail...

I thought... 🤔

Let me double check the method of payment.

I just wanted to know how to make out the check.

That led me to the IRS website...

Which didn’t answer my question. 🙄

So I called them.

And I was told...

”We’re not accepting paper applications.“


I thought... no problem.

I’ll just fill it out online.



The application online looks A LOT different. And required information I couldn’t even decipher. 👎🏾

So my business consultant took over and helped fill it out.

When we finally filed the paperwork...

It was June 27th.

A month later than we hoped.

We wanted to launch quickly. We felt the Lord wanted to launch us out fast and far -as it has been prophesied over me.

The plan was to earn our non-profit status by the fall of 2020.

It didn't look good.

But God. 🤯 When we filed...

I was told it could take 4-6 months.

So, what’s that?

October? December?

But God.

Yesterday, I was driving...

And I heard the Lord say...

“Go get your mail.”

I knew something was going on.

I picked up the mail...

And there it was!!

To God be the glory!!!

But that’s not all...

Look at the “effective date of exemption.”

The effective date... is February 14th.


A friend of mine prophesied and said it’s a sign from the Lord.

A wink.

To say, ”I love you.”

So... I want to take this opportunity to encourage you.

Follow the Lord.

He will do the work.

All He needs is your faith.

We left Indianapolis.

We left our careers.

We stepped out on faith.

And He continues to blow our minds.

He loves us.

And loves you just as well.

God bless you.

Stay in the race.

In His service,

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