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2023 Part Seven: Jubilee


What The Lord Has To Say About 2023


The decade of "The Mouth" continues.

The Lord showed me in 2020 that He is using this entire decade to take the Body of Christ out of a state of confusion and into a place of alignment with His voice.

He had to first judge the prophetic ministry to build inside of us a determination to find pure prophecy and the pure Word of God.

Where we are headed after this decade will require we are closer to the Lord's heart than ever. here will be great persecution after this.

The Lord is drawing us near to Himself.

He's setting us free from the limitations of Egypt and the bondage of Babylon.

"My sheep know my voice," says the Lord.

"And another voice they will not follow."

The Lord Jesus is prophesying this into our future!

So, all the shaking will continue. There will be more upheaval.

But it's meant to cause us to cry out for true worship, to cry out to the Lord for His heart and His presence.

Beware of the political spirit and the spirit of religion.

These two great distractions are in the Lord's sights.

He wants to shake out of you any remnant of perversion by these two great distractions.

He wants all of your heart.

There are several characteristics the Lord has shown me about 2023.

These are the SEVEN aspects of the 2023 I will share in SEVEN installments.

1. False Prophecy In Media (A sign of the advance of "perilous times")

2. The Youth Revival Movement

3. FAMINE: Economic Downturn

4. FAMINE: Goshen

5. FAMINE: Drought (A sign of the soul condition of mankind)

6. LEAVE AND CLEAVE (Many will be forced to decide between money and the Lord)

7. JUBILEE (The Lord spoke into my spirit that He seeks to manifest jubilee in the lives of His people)

Please take your time to go through each of these.

I pray each will edify, encourage, strengthen, and direct your heart into His heart.

God bless you.

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