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Prophetic Warning: Protect The Church

In October 2023, the Lord took me into a vision and I saw an attack on the church at-large developing.

What I saw was a sleeper cell awaken and they had long guns, assault-style rifles, and they were going into churches.

They were loosely organized and part of a movement, but they were not in constant communication, which is why they evaded detection.

Some of these attackers were actually attending churches.

This vision came to mind when I heard about the attack on Lakewood Church in Houston where Joel Osteen is the senior pastor.

I have been prompted by the Lord to reissue this word and a warning: We need to protect our churches in prayer and practicality.

The church will be targeted by radical and violent extremists. In the vision of God, I was aware of the need for churches to harden their security, and not to take their security for granted.

It’s a different world now.

Some will look to avenge the deaths of those in Gaza who they see as victims of Israel and America.

America provides weapons and funding, and America will be blamed and held responsible by some believers of Islam. We must prepare ourselves for future lone wolf style attacks, extremists who will act alone but are part of a broader moment to avenge the deaths of their fellow Muslims at the hands of those they consider infidels, Christians and Jews.

We must prepare. We must assess our security. We must not fear, but we must harden our walls. There is war coming at the gates of our churches.

We must also pray for the security of our churches. Assign prayer warriors to pray for the walls of the church to be secure. Don’t allow any breaches in the spirit realm.

Here is a link to the full video from October:

God bless you,

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